Albino Penis Envy (APE) Revert Spore Syringe



APE Revert mushroom spores are a relatively new and popular variety – look no further than our high-quality APE Revert spore syringes. Our spores are guaranteed to be free of contamination and contain millions of spores, ensuring a successful cultivation experience.

While Albino Penis Envy mushrooms take significantly longer to grow than other strains, our APE Revert spore syringes offer a more efficient and convenient method of cultivation. These spores can be stored in a dark cupboard or refrigerated for up to a couple of years and can be used multiple times with proper care.

Each syringe comes with 10cc of APE Revert spores, and an 18g needle. These spores are a stabilized version of Albino Penis Envy, offering both the potency of the original strain and the ability to drop spores, making them a highly sought-after strain in the mushroom community.

The effects of the APE Revert strain are intense and include euphoria, heavy visual stimulation, introspective reflection, and philosophical thought, making it a highly desirable strain for experienced mushroom users (and one to proceed with caution for new individuals).

Overall, our APE Revert spore syringes offer a reliable and potent source of this unique strain of mushrooms, perfect for any serious mushroom enthusiast looking to cultivate their own high-quality mushrooms at home.

All products are made in a lab grade environment with 99.99% @0.3 micron HEPA filter fan units.

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Charlie Badenhop
Great product!

And wonderful service from staff.

Excellent service and product

The APE-R is very fast. Excellent specimen for study.
I will only shop at Spores Worldwide from now on.

Great Price And Quality

Arrived on time, All of the syringes succeeded to innoculate my spawn/jars. They even answered my questions about random mushroom inquiry, they are legit, I will 100% buy more, HIGHLY RECOMMEND. (Just be patient with these spores, APE's are known to grow slower, but it is worth the wait.)

Graham McDonald
Spore syringe APE

Arrived on time.
My first attempt is a success

Gail Naugle
Albino PE

Excellent specimen received without any worry of shipping being delayed . Will definitely use Spore Worldwide again .