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African Transkei mushroom spores are a great and classic variety to work with.

The South African Transkei cube is a miracle of nature. It seems to be the only cubensis specimen ever identified, discovered and collected in South Africa. South Africa is at the bottom of the African continent, hence the name SOUTH Africa. It may be the only cube collected this far from the equator. Transkei was discovered growing in poo in the shade of trees near the coast of the Indian Ocean in the Transkei region of South Africa. This region was also the birthplace of Nelson Mandella.

Unlike the Colorado cube, which may not be a wild cube from Colorado, Transkei’s origins are well documented, and it was discovered at a low elevation, near the ocean.

Transkei is prone to overlay, and produces average sized fruits. The Shroomery’s own Roadkill swears Transkei is very potent, often stating, “They are the reason Africans wear bones in their noses!”

– Courtesy of Cervantes from Shroomery, big thanks for this info!

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African Transkei

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