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Disclaimer and Terms of Use for SPORES WORLDWIDE      

In order to use this website and order products you are acknowledging and agreeing to all the terms stated below.

The minimum age required to place an order is 18 years old.

All spores purchased are for microscopy purposes only (See Subsection 56(1)). If (you) the purchaser misuses any of our products for other purposes, that is an action you have taken against our strict terms of use and are thereby taking all responsibility for your actions.

The only cultivation mentioned and allowed on our website is for gourmet/medicinal species of mushrooms (ex. Oyster, Reishi, Turkey Tail), and discussion of any other types of cultivation is strictly prohibited.

We will only ship to countries that allow the import of spores. Some customers may be restricted to purchasing spore prints and spore swabs only due to customs in certain countries not allowing liquids through. When using our website, you agree to and acknowledge all that has been stated above

All orders ship within 1-3 business days, except when stated otherwise

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