Leucistic Redboy Spore Swab


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The Redboy mushroom is a unique cubensis variety.

Red boy mushroom spores were a popular cube a few decades ago but it was thought by many to be long lost. RogerRabbit had an old print and used almost all his spores attempting to get it to germinate. It was simply too old. He had to resort to crossing Redboy with Puerto Rico and a little rattle snake venom. It worked. Here’s the story in RogerRabbit’s own words:


RogerRabbit said:
After 20 years of sleeping, the RedBoy lives! A mycological Coup d’Etat had to be pulled off to get this mushroom back after 20 years. The spores would simply NOT germinate.

Monokaryotic Puerto Rico mycelium was allowed to crawl over the non-germinating original 20 year old redboy spores in a petri dish, resulting in a 50/50 cross between the redboy spores and the PR mycelium, without the original spores ever germinating, which they were no longer capable of after 20 years.

Rattlesnake venom was added to the agar after cooling to weaken both the cell walls of the spores, and the cell walls of the mycelium, allowing the nucleus from each to exchange genetic information between them. The experiment was duplicated with the offspring, resulting in a 75% pure strain, which was then released to the public.

The result is a ‘cross’ between the original UNgerminated redboy spores and a cubensis from Puerto Rico. Even though this is a cross,(NOT hybrid since it’s two strains of the same species) you can clearly see the red color of the spores.

The Leucistic variety is more white/pale.


– Courtesy of Cervantes from Shroomery, big thanks for this info!

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