Bulk Grain Spawn – Preorder

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Once the order is placed, it will be completed and shipped within 4-6 weeks of purchase. This time varies depending on the variety you choose.

Available varieties :

Penis Envy

Albino Penis Envy

Golden Teacher

ACW (wavy cap x choda)

Bayou (fastest grower)

Natal Super Strength

Please put your choice or choices (you may mix and match however you like) in the order notes, or email us at sporesworldwide@gmail.com

Shipping within Canada and USA only, pickup/drop off is available within southern Ontario.

Additional information

Bag Size & Quantity

3LB – 5 Bags, 3LB – 10 Bags, 3LB – 25 Bags, 3LB – 50 Bags, 3LB – 100 Bags, 4.5LB – 5 Bags, 4.5LB – 10 Bags, 4.5LB – 25 Bags, 4.5LB – 50 Bags, 4.5LB – 100 Bags