Albino Penis Envy (APE) Revert Spore Syringe



Albino Penis Envy mushroom spores, reverted. Even more vigorous, fast, and abundant then other P.E. varieties in a multitude of ways. An astounding specimen for study.
All products are made in a lab grade environment with 99.99% @0.3 micron HEPA filter fan units.
All spores are for microscopy purposes.

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 29 × 21 × 4 cm

Customer Reviews

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Excellent service and product

The APE-R is very fast. Excellent specimen for study.
I will only shop at Spores Worldwide from now on.

Great Price And Quality

Arrived on time, All of the syringes succeeded to innoculate my spawn/jars. They even answered my questions about random mushroom inquiry, they are legit, I will 100% buy more, HIGHLY RECOMMEND. (Just be patient with these spores, APE's are known to grow slower, but it is worth the wait.)

Graham McDonald
Spore syringe APE

Arrived on time.
My first attempt is a success

Gail Naugle
Albino PE

Excellent specimen received without any worry of shipping being delayed . Will definitely use Spore Worldwide again .

MArco Leblanc
Great bang for your buck to get started

Bought MSS syringes. They are not done colonizing the grain yet, but they are on their way. The GT is a bit slow, the APE reverts are VERY fast compared to most PE/APE I've worked with before. The PE6 are even faster, strong myc growth, spiderwebby texture but clearly not cobweb mold, very clearly heavy white myc. Like I was saying, the GT and more conventional strains seem to be a bit slower, I will know more in the near future, but I'm extremely impressed with the growth of the PE variations. I will order again mostly because of the sterility of the solution, the amount for the price, and also the nice bonus I received with my order.